When you book an aircraft for your clients or family, are you positive that the flight meets your safety standards? At ReadyJet, our priority is to ensure that your flight is the safest it can be. That’s why we use aircraft with safety ratings from ARG/US (Aviation Research Group/United States), the world leader in aviation safety research. They look beyond the gleaming paint and soft leather seats to carefully assess the pilots, the aircraft, and the charter operators, so that we can provide you with an understandable safety rating.

Private Jet Charter SafetyBefore every flight we check:

  • Operational control of the aircraft. This assures that your flight has not been brokered to another air charter operator without your knowledge
  • The aircraft operator’s safety records and current FAA Part 135 air charter
  • That the aircraft operator has a minimum of $50 million in insurance
  • The pilots’ experience in that aircraft
  • The pilots’ certification and type ratings
  • The pilots’ record of accidents, incidents, and enforcement actions
  • That the pilots’ medical and training requirements are up to date

Every time you fly with ReadyJet, you’ll be provided with the most up to date background information on the crew and the aircraft based on in-depth research of DOT, FAA, and
other aviation safety databases.

You won’t find a company that is more committed to its clients’ safety and security than ReadyJet.