Private Jets: More than Just Convenience

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 3:43 am by ReadyJet Comments Off on Private Jets: More than Just Convenience

We often talk about the purpose of private jets and the luxury benefits they can bring. It is evident that private jets are used to help those looking to save time and the headaches often caused by flying commercially. In general, we think of people using private jets for either business or leisure purposes. What about during times of crisis?  One may ask, how can you relate a private jet to a crisis situation? According to the Los Angeles Times, the U.S government used charter flights to evacuate Americans from Japan in 2011 following the disastrous tsunami. This action was prompted as a result of the upgraded advisory on Japan’s current tsunami, earthquake and nuclear crisis situation. Other reports have stated that the demand for charter flights has been on the rise due to other outbreaks of unrest across the globe.

This type of news report highlights the underrated private jet benefit we often forget about. Private jets are flexible and easily accessible, which is why they are helpful in emergency situations. Due to their small size, these jets can fly in and out of smaller airports that commercial airlines cannot. Therefore, if a large airport is completely shut down, people can still leave a dangerous area by departing from a smaller airport. Private jets are also more accessible and faster than commercial planes, which is extremely helpful in last minute situations. Many charter companies, such as ours, can arrange flights within hours of a request, which enables a fast and safe transport for those who are stranded in dangerous areas.

Medical emergencies require similar urgency and quick mobilization.  We often get requests for someone who has been injured on vacation or who has fallen ill.  Serious injuries like a broken leg can make travel on a commercial flight extremely difficult, and this is only aggravated by long security lines, schedule constraints, connections, and having to spend hours at each airport. A patient with a compromised immune system may not be cleared to fly commercial, but could fly private and avoid exposure to all the people at the airports and on the commercial flight.

ReadyJet Charters offers a robust capability to deliver flawless service in even the most challenging settings, led by a 24/7 Command Center staffed with aviation professionals. At ReadyJet Charters, safety is our number one priority and we stand by our commitment to provide you timely and secure charter flight solutions.

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