Corporate Jet Charters

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Corporate jet charters are very popular among executives and employees for a variety of reasons:

  • Time Savings and Expediency
    If a commercial flight doesn’t match your itinerary exactly, you could spend a day or more trying to reach your destination.  Charter flights are always direct point to point travel.  Also, there are no long TSA lines or having to arrive hours before your flight.  With corporate jet charters you avoid the commercial terminal (and often the main airport); you only need to arrive 15 minutes prior to your flight, clear security and walk right onto the plane.
  • Greater Productivity During Travel
    Corporate jet charters allow for efficient, flexible, safe, secure and cost-effective access to destinations across the country and around the world. Because employees can meet, plan and work with each other aboard business aircraft, often with wi-fi, productivity en route is greatly enhanced.
  • Access to Places with Little or No Commercial Service
    In many instances, corporate jet charters are the best or only transportation option available, opening the door to global commerce for small-community and rural populations by linking them directly to population centers and manufacturing facilities. Business aircraft can reach 5,000 airports, versus only 500 for commercial airlines.
  • Same-Day Access to Multiple Cities
    Corporate jet charters allow employees to make a trip involving stops at several locations, then return to headquarters the same day. Hundreds or thousands of dollars can be saved on hotel rooms, rental cars, meals and other expenses that would be needed to make the same trip over several days via auto, train or airline transport.
  • Best Aircraft for Specific Mission
    This will depend on the distance, number of passengers and length of runway, but typically you can choose between a single or dual engine turboprop (often less expensive, ideal for shorter trips or trips with multiple stops) or a jet (from light jet up to heavy).  Once we have your itinerary, we can select the aircraft best suited to your trip, then offer you a choice at different price points.

Some uses for corporate jet charters (including turboprops) include the transportation of employees, customers, cargo, parts and mail; medical and emergency transport; mapping, surveying, and aerial photography; agricultural applications; game tracking and control, and pipeline and utility monitoring.

ReadyJet Charters Can Help You Plan Your Next Business Trip
We do not have a membership fee; we operate on a per-mission basis to identify the best plane at the best price.  Working directly with executive assistants, we arrange private charters all over the U.S., both personal and corporate, across many industries.  We have access to a database of three thousand charter aircraft – from small piston planes to the largest and longest-range jets.  Charter aircraft are not regularly scheduled, so on any given day, each plane could be anywhere.  Our powerful system allows us to see where each plane is located, and find the ones closest to your point of departure.  We can book planes from any airport to any airport, limited only by runway size.  We recommend smaller regional airports over large international airports as the fees and expenses will be lower.  Some planes are based there already so you wouldn’t have to pay for repositioning.

Once we have your itinerary, we will identify the best available planes and provide you several all-inclusive quotations that will include the plane description, number of seats, amenities, safety rating, flight time and photos of the exterior and interior.  When you are ready to book a trip, you just need to sign and complete the quotation form and email it back to us.  Full payment is required at the time of booking, either by wire transfer or by credit card (3.5% processing fee applies).

We can accommodate most last-minute corporate jet charters.  Operators typically have a two-hour callout, meaning once the trip has been booked and payment is complete, then they will need to give their crew a two-hour notice before the flight.  All trip details can be adjusted prior to booking; once the trip is booked, the operator will do their best to accommodate any changes that might arise.  We can arrange catering or ground transportation as well.

Request a quote today and let us plan your next corporate trip!


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